At Flourish, our philosophy is that every body can do yoga. People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and physical abilities can benefit from the balance, strength, flexibility and serenity that come with practice. Our goal is to meet you wherever you are, guiding and encouraging you at every step. From group classes, to workshops, to one-on-one sessions, we have livestream and recorded sessions that work for every schedule and every budget.

The practice of yoga has been around for over 3,000 years, having roots in ancient India. It’s been trendy in the West since the 60’s, with many people doing it just for the physical benefits.
But, yoga is a much deeper practice, where the physical aspect, the “asana”, is only the beginning. Yoga poses and sequences prepare us to dig into the spiritual practice where each practitioner seeks a state of inner peace and tranquility.

We hope that you find community, knowledge and self-acceptance when you join us on this path. Flourish, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, aiming to make yoga approachable, yet gently challenging. Its less about self-improvement and more about self-becoming.

Our motto is “Be more YOU, because YOU are amazing.” See you in class!


Skill building is at the core our art classes and workshops. People say they can’t draw a stick figure or they “have no talent.” At Flourish, we believe that talent has very little to do with the ability to create beautiful drawing and painting. If you have the desire to get creative, to rekindle a lost love of art, or to tackle that portrait you’ve been dreaming of, we can help you get there one step at a time.

Most of us were not given the nurturing guidance or instructions on technique we needed in the art room. Some of us were discouraged by the teacher and some of us compared ourselves to the “talented kids” in our class and found our own work wanting. So we give you a reset button. We teach you the tips and tricks of how-to plus the coaching on how to get even better.

If you love creating, and the desire to learn the brass tacks of drawing and painting, you can become a wonderful artist who can create anything your imagination comes up with.

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Hi! I’m Kim Wenger Hall, the founder of flourish art and yoga studios. My goal at flourish is to provide a platform to offer a wide variety of people the opportunity to experience two things that have made a profound difference for me: visual arts and the practice of yoga. The joy of movement, creativity, and community are incredibly enriching to our lives. They help us get out of our heads and into a place of greater serenity.

Flourish art and yoga was born, like many things, out of the covid-19 pandemic. For several years prior, I had been teaching in-person art and chair-based yoga. When everything shut down, teaching virtually was the natural next best step. And people loved it. The convenience of online classes is undeniable.

Learning art in your own home really beats lugging all your supplies to an art studio, having to leave it there, and drive there and back. Same with yoga. Just going to your yoga space at home gives you the freedom to pop in when it’s convenient, or make a commitment to build that into your daily or weekly routine.

Another benefit of online instruction is that it builds Community. The people who attend get to know each other, learning about their lives and their unique needs. Folks who aren’t so social also love the chance to participate on their own terms! We give people the freedom to make Flourish what they need it to be: flexible, fun and useful.

Over the course of three years, Flourish has grown a robust community of artists and yogis. In the future, I will invite other heart-centered skill-based teachers to lead classes on our platform so that our offerings can deepen and grow.

We want Flourish Art & Yoga Studios to help you FLOURISH. Creativity, movement and serenity will help you feel more aligned, more in-touch and more like your highest self.
Be more YOU. Because YOU are amazing.


A curated sneek peek of FLOURISH resources to enhance your knowledge, skills, and self-care.


Get FREE access to Kim’s 25 minute full-body practice: core strength, a resilient spine and the breath/pelvic floor connection.


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Guided Ocean Walk Meditation

In this little mindfulness session, I’ll help you to visualize a perfect, peaceful beach.